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Forex profit launcher trading system forum


Parabolic SAR (0.2, acceleration factor0.02);

Moving Averages, Exponential 10,Gold;

Moving Averages, Exponential 25,Green;

Moving Averages, Exponential 50,Red.

Long Entry Position:when the ema 10 crosses the 25 and 50 up from the bottom andParabolic SAR is on the bottom.

Short Entry Position: when the ema 10 cross the 25 and 50 down from the top andParabolic SAR is on the Top.

When to EXIT a trade:The best time to exit a trade is when the price crosses back down through all 3 EMA’s on the chart .

Where to Set the Stop Loss: you should always set your level just below the EMA 50.

As your position moves in the right direction, you should move your stop accordingly.

Forex Profit System with moving averages

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