Easier Trading Platform To Deposit And Withdraw Money

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

An increasing number of traders are moving to binary options trading because of the money-making potential it has. If you have chosen to start your trading journey with IQ option, you have made the right choice. IQ option offers many benefits to its users. It is the most straightforward trading platform currently available.

How to deposit and withdraw funds

It is also wholly trustworthy as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates its functioning. You can choose from five different accounts to ensure you are only making money and not losing any.

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

However, the most significant advantage of using this platform is that it allows users to deposit as well as withdraw cash in just a few seconds.

This article will comprehensively discuss one topic: deposit and withdrawal with IQ Option trading account.

How to Deposit Money into Your IQ Option Account?

IQ Option provides many quick and secure money deposition methods that users can use to transfer money into their trading account immediately.

The platform has set $10 as the minimum deposit value.

Here are four simple ways to transfer money to your IQ option account:

1.Credit and Debit Cards

Users can transfer money into their account through a debit or credit card.

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

The platform supports Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro cards. When users use a card to transfer money, the amount transferred starts reflecting in the IQ account within just a few seconds. Since there are no hidden fees involved, users can choose to transfer money as many times as they want within a day.


eWallets have become quite popular as they are secure as well as convenient.

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Today, almost everyone has multiple eWallets on their phones. Traders can transfer money into their IQ option account using various eWallets. The system currently supports three eWallets or digital wallets for depositing money: WebMoney, Skrill, and Neteller.

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

All three of these wallets are global or universal payment solutions that support almost all world currencies. No fee is charged on transactions done using these wallets — the money you transfer will be the money you see in your IQ Option account.

3.Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer is the ideal way to deposit money into your IQ Option account if you are planning to transfer a considerable sum.

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Wire transfer refers to the electronic transfer of funds and is one of the most secure ways to move money as all transactions are done using a safe network. That apart, federal regulations also require verifying the identity and physical address of anyone with a wire transfer account.

How to deposit and withdraw funds

Unfortunately, the only problem with sending money via wire transfer is that the process takes time. If you want to see money immediately in your IQ Option account, we will recommend you to rule out this option.


Due to the increasing popularity of Bitcoins and its growing status as a digital currency, IQ option has recently added Bitcoins as a payment method.


Users can now deposit money into their IQ Option account using the Bitcoin wallet.

How to Withdraw Money from Your IQ Option Account?

Withdrawing money from other trading platforms is a nightmare most traders try their best to avoid. However, with IQ Option, it is quite easy to withdraw money. IQ Option not only gives users various money withdrawal options, but it also allows users to withdraw money free of any charge.

The only method that incurs a withdrawal fee is the wire transfer method.

Here are three simple ways to withdraw money from your IQ Option trading account.

1.Credit or Debit Card

A credit card or debit card is the most preferred option for withdrawing money. It is also the option that IQ Option recommends.

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Currently, the platform supports Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro cards for withdrawals. IQ Option follows the PCI Data Security Standard, and thus, all withdrawals made through a credit or debit card are entirely safe.

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

Further, the platform has also implemented the Instant Bank Card Withdrawal Processing policy, which expedites the whole process of money withdrawal.

However, users must keep in mind that if they are withdrawing money using cards, they must make withdrawals within 90 days from the last deposit.

Similarly, the amount withdrawn should not exceed the amount deposited.

Deposit and Withdrawal with IQ Option Trading Account

For security reasons, it is also mandatory to withdraw into the same card or eWallet that the user used for depositing money.

2.Withdrawal using digital wallets

IQ Option allows traders to withdraw their money into an eWallet or digital wallet.

The platform supports numerous eWallets but recommends using one of these: Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, Boleto, and FasaPay.

Easier trading platform to deposit and withdraw money

However, since all eWallets use a third-party payment gateway, the platform favors Credit or Debit Card transfers over eWallet transfers.

Wallets, though, have one advantage: with eWallets, users can withdraw money even after 90 days from the last deposit.

However, IQ option always prioritizes bank withdrawals over eWallet wallet. Thus, if you have chosen to withdraw money into an eWallet, you might have to wait a bit longer to see your money.

3.Wire Transfer Withdrawal

IQ Option also supports wire transfer withdrawals. However, users should use this option only if the first two options are not available. There are two prime reasons for this. First, banks take a lot of time to process wire transfers.

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So, it may take days before the bank actually processes your request. Thus, if you are in a hurry to get access to your money, do not use the wire transfer method.

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Second, wire transfer withdrawals incur a fee. This fee depends on the location and the bank involved.

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Thus, users are advised to always check the exact fee before withdrawing using wire transfers.

The Final Word

IQ Option is one of the most straightforward and convenient platforms. It is easy to make money using IQ Option, and it is easier to withdraw this money.

After completely decoding the topic “Deposit and Withdrawal with IQ Option trading account,” it can be said with certainty that when it comes to depositing or withdrawing money, there is no other platform that’s as easy to use as IQ Option.