Online Pyramid Binary Chart Tool

Online pyramid binary chart tool

Online pyramid binary chart tool

This tool will help you calculate commissions for your multi-level marketing (MLM) efforts. First enter the average monthly personal volume (PV) of sales per associate.

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Then, fill in the fields provided in the matrix, input the needed information for those working on your down-line. For each level, this includes commission percentage, number of partners, and the monthly commission for that particular level.

Press CALCULATE, and you’ll instantly see a total monthly commission for your multi-level marketing efforts.

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How to Calculate Multilevel Marketing Commissions

If you've ever suffered the nuisance of the Avon lady at your door or a vacuum salesman pushing his wares in your neighborhood, you've encountered multilevel marketing.

Online pyramid binary chart tool

Also known as network marketing, multilevel marketing involves distributors selling the public products directly in most cases. These representatives then make commission on their sales as well as the sales of people they recruit.

The illegal form of this marketing plan is known as a pyramid scheme. If the money distributors make comes from how many people they recruit and their sales to those recruits, the operation is likely illegitimate.

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However, if distributors' money comes from sales to the public, the company has a multilevel marketing (MLM) plan, which is legal.

Along with bonuses, the commissions that independent contractors receive for their sales are their compensation. The amounts of these commissions will depend on the compensation structure of the multilevel marketing firm.

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Read on to learn how companies with the following multilevel marketing compensation plans calculate commission.

Unilevel Plan

Arguably the simplest compensation structure, unilevel plans revolve around a first tier of distributors. Although companies can restrict the number of recruits that distributors enroll under them, a unilevel structure places no limits on width.

In other words, every individual the distributor recruits will come in under them in the organizational hierarchy, and the distributor will receive a certain percentage of everything the recruits buy and sell.

Stair-Step Breakaway Plan

The stair-step MLM plan is similar to the unilevel structure in that it has no width limitations and creates a first tier of sellers.

Online pyramid binary chart tool

The stair-step is unique, however, in that once a distributor reaches a certain level of sales, he can break away from his tier so he keeps more of his own sales. On the plus side, stair-step plans motivate distributors to work hard.

The drawback is that distributors in upper tiers receive less income every time a breakaway occurs.

Matrix Plan

A matrix plan, also known as a forced matrix MLM plan, sets specific limitations on the depth and width of distributors' networks.

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For example, the firm might have a 5-by-6 matrix, meaning that a distributor must bring in five people on the initial tier and will make money helping that tier do the same for as many as six layers of depth. The matrix plan is relatively simple to implement but requires constant modification to sustain.

Binary Plan

Binary plans tightly restrict width but are very generous with depth limits.

In binary plans, distributors recruit two people for the tier below them, and then each of those two recruits two more.

Online pyramid binary chart tool

The firm calculates distributors' sales points based on each leg of the distributor's network. The distributor receives commission based on the leg that receives fewer points.

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This motivates distributors to keep all aspects of their networks selling well.

Once you understand these four basic plans, you can use an online calculator to determine specific commissions for multilevel marketing. You will need to know the commission percentage as well as the number of partners/associates to determine the amount.

Just remember to evaluate how the money is made in advance to ensure you are doing the right type of networking.