Forex Dreams Come True

Forex dreams come true

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Beware of your dreams, they may come true. Give us our past back!

Forex dreams come true

We had such a bright future back then! When Britain was voting to leave the EU in 2016, the British were promised thrilling prospects.

Forex dreams come true

But the divorce took longer than expected and the issue is still on the agenda even if the Tory victory in the snap election has been a step forward.

It makes financial markets happy as the political risks are decreasing.

Forex dreams come true

It makes the British pound happy as it can finally forget about the swampy political landscape. It makes the Bank of England happy, which has been trying to be optimistic for a long time despite disappointing macro-economic statistics.

Forex dreams come true

It often happens that a divorce is enough for reaching happiness in personal life.

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Forex dreams come true

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