Bank Of Ireland Forex Rates

Bank of ireland forex rates

Bank of Ireland offers a convenient way to buy a multitude of different currencies.

Bank of ireland forex rates

However, foreign exchange rates represent a major pricing point and there is often little clarity around them. We researched Bank of Ireland’s travel money exchange rates to provide you a table showcasing their currency rate spread. Hopefully we can help you save money on your holidays.

Bank of Ireland exchange rates: Information and tips

Know the latest interbank exchange rate for your currency pairs

The interbank rate (also called mid-market rate) is the midpoint between the buy price and sell price of two currencies on the currency markets.

Bank of ireland forex rates

Bank of Ireland does not offer the interbank rate but instead adds a margin to it, which makes the foreign currency transaction more expensive for you. Before using Bank of Ireland for your travel money needs, make sure to know the current interbank exchange rate.

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That way, you’ll be able to calculate FX losses on the currency conversion. You can find the latest interbank rates using our currency converter.

How to calculate exchange rate loss

Here’s what you need to do in order to determine how much Bank of Ireland’s travel money exchange rate spread is going to cost you:

  1. Find the current interbank rate for your currencies using our currency converter
  2. Multiply your original amount by the current interbank rate
  3. Multiply your original amount by the exchange rate Bank of Ireland offers
  4. Subtract the first amount from the second amount
  5. This is the amount you’ll lose through currency conversion with Bank of Ireland

Order your currency online and in advance

Ordering your foreign currency before your trip allows you to compare with rates and fees of other providers.

Bank of ireland forex rates

Ordering it online also is usually much cheaper than buying currency at the airport or on arrival to your holiday destination. Make sure to always compare exchange rates before finalising an order.


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Bank of ireland forex rates

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Bank of Ireland exchange rate research

The exchange rate spreads below are for ordering foreign currency online.

Rates on other services might differ.

Northern Ireland Bank Note Checking

Those exchange rate margins are indicative at the time of research. Use the Bank of Ireland currency converter or visit the nearest branch to get the latest rates.

CurrencyISO CodeExchange RateMid-Market RateExchange Rate Margin / Loss
United KingdomGBP0.85030.870632.34%
United StatesUSD1.11631.143592.39%
New ZealandNZD1.62751.685463.44%
South AfricaZAR15.495815.890352.48%
United Arab EmiratesAED4.03664.8210116.27%

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