Why Does Ipo Cost So Much

Why does ipo cost so much

Why does ipo cost so much


IPO Costs

Finance Articles | July 2, 2004

The following data is taken from "Going Public" by James B.
Arkebauer (1994) and the IPO cost website at:

You should keep in mind that costs vary based upon the complexity, the size of the underwriting and the history of the private company.

The following IPO costs would be reasonable for a company with over $2 million in gross revenues and a 3-5 year operating history.

Why does ipo cost so much

A startup company would pay less than half this estimate to do an IPO. In some cases one or both sources acknowledge a cost listed below, but fail to offer an estimate. In those cases, I've supplied an estimate based upon my IPO experience.

Pre-IPO Costs$300,000
Legal Costs$175,000
Printing & Mailing$100,000
Market Prep Costs$90,000
Investment Bankers$50,000
Moody's or S&P$6,000
Blue Sky Fees$20,000 (California only)
Transfer Agent$2,000
Mgnt & Admin$200,000
SEC Filing Fee$5,000
Taxes$15,000 (Estimated)
Total$1,123, 000

Underwriting Costs
The underwriting cost is a function of the money raised in the IPO.

Why does ipo cost so much

The NASD allow up to 18% in costs. If the gross revenue from the IPO is $10 million, this is an underwriting cost of $1.8 million.

Here's how the costs breakdown
Nonaccountable Expense 3%
Accountable Expense 5%
Discount 10%
Company supplied IPO buyers usually 50% (10%-90%)
Commission 5% - Its paid by the brokerage firm client and doesn't affect
the money received by the company.

Compare these costs with that of doing a spinoff.

Why does ipo cost so much

For a startup company seeking a million dollar financing the cost is $150,000. For an operating copy grossing over US$2 million, the cost is US$250,000.

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