When Did Dan Fleyshman Ipo

When did dan fleyshman ipo


ETHBerlin‏ @ETHBerlin
“It is very clear that crypto could become the next establishment,” @licuende, co-founder of @AragonProject on true decentralisation live on stage now!

Milan Popich‏ @Jackpot1136
All rights reserved Popich Milan ©2015 EN USA
Next time probably should check with the mayority stock holder of the business before making any future plans.

Unstoppable Greatness of Milan Popich. I think bringing it to America is the only solution to Aragon.Nice speech though.

God Bless America where champions are raised. Second place is not that bad. I take gold, maybe silver too. Unstoppable. I want no part of second place. Champion.

Locate all Channel resources videos here

I am humble, and will allow you to join the winning team. TEAM AMERICA. UNSTOPPABLE GREATNESS. SUPPORTING THE TROOPS

Unstoppable Milan Popich God.
Someone was under the impression that by breaking my portion into 100 + addresses that I would not go through each individual one.

God Popich Milan. GOD Bless America. Namespace:"ethereum" ©2015 All Rights reserved Popich Milan. EN USA

Berlin is so WWII. I Milan Popich the creator and mayority percentages holder, 90+%. ©2015 All rights reserved Milan Popich EN USA. Reminding you that Aragon will be migrating to America. Next time before wasting your time on presentations check with the BOSS first. Unstoppable

Theodor Beutel‏ @theobtl
[email protected] pushing the limits of decentralisation.

Since recently, Aragon is being developed not by one, but two teams. @licuende calls this 'healthy competition'. Moreover, the common project becomes more resilient from biases and discontinuation.

Luke Duncan ‏ @lkngtn
The Planning Suite is shaping up to be a tremendously useful addition to the @AragonProject Ecosystem. It enables DAOs to to effectively organize and allocate shared resources w/ integrations with Github and StandardBounties.

Aragon‏ @AragonProject
We built an #Ethereum operating system that is upgradeable, secure and easy to use.
From a technical perspective, Aragon Core, a complete platform for #Dapp development, is an operating system for human organizations.

It's the easiest way to #buidl Dapps

Altcoin Magazine‏ @Alt__Magazine
This is a three-part battle to find out who will become the next big platform for DApps. Winners of each battle will meet in a final KO-battle against @ethereum $ETH #ETH.
Pick your project and tell us why below!

@EOS_io vs @ubiqsmart

cryptodouchebag$ATMOS x $EOS‏ @cryptodouchebag
$EOS is the clear winner in the platform race. http://Eos-forum.org shows exactly the type of low barrier to entry a system like Eos provides.

Alex Sterk‏ @alex_sterk
But $UBQ is the only one that is Proof of work, which means fully permissionless.

With one GPU you can mine enough to make a token in a day.

Doge Doggerton‏ @Bagillionaire
EOS RAM has a cost associated with it, no?

cryptodouchebag$ATMOS x $EOS‏ @cryptodouchebag
Yes, but ram isn’t required to transact and is recoverable after most uses. More importantly you can build dapps that don’t require users to even own crypto and still participate. http://Eos-forum.org let’s you post anonymously to the chain from any browser. No eos needed.

Doge Doggerton‏ @Bagillionaire
But RAM is required by developers, etc.

There's always a cost and it always will make it's way to the end user in some form. EOS is a good project, I just think it's not a apples to apples comparison and its a bit of an unfair position on $ubq by you.

cryptodouchebag$ATMOS x $EOS‏ @cryptodouchebag
It has transaction fees and therefore is a terrible platform for applications.

Short Story Long #176 - Dan Fleyshman - Youngest Founder of Public Trading Company

Having to own a random coin to interact with a dapp means only hardcore crypto can even play. Having to spend money to post means people feel taxed to participate.

Staking Economy‏ @StakingEconomy
Staking Economy Issue #3 is out with updates on @MakerDAO, @rchain_coop, @dfinity and an article from @mechanism_labs, as well as a discussion of secondary fee token models from @gnosisPM and @SpankChain.

Aparna Krishnan‏ @aparnalocked
Have payments improved after crypto?

How has this impacted your everyday life? I personally don't feel any significant difference yet.

Joey Krug‏ @joeykrug
Imo payments will be the area crypto impacts last

Payments is just hard to disrupt, merchants are slow to move + PoS systems are entrenched.

I think derivatives + dexes will happen first, then more generalized payments. No impossible barriers, just hard ones

Arjun Bhuptani‏ @Arjun_Bhuptani
What do barriers do you think still exist for crypto payments aside from scalability?

(and I guess volatility cause @MakerDAO)

Definitely agree about retail, but some types of payments are still very underserved or inefficient:

  1. Industries that classify as high risk for card networks (they use the word "intangible")
  2. p2p payment ecosystems and sharing economy type systems
  3. machine payments

Ethex‏ @EthexMarket
While some are panicking over the current market, useful projects like @RequestNetwork, @fundrequest_io, @MakerDAO, @OysterProtocol continue working to deliver useful protocols and projects

BASE.INFO‏ @baseinfo101
New coin Swarm Fund (SWM) @TheSwarmFund on http://Base.info
Swarm Fund creates a unique infrastructural model on the market, which makes it possible to invest in real assets and uncover traditional capital in real markets in a new way.
Read more: https://base.info/coins/swarm_fund … pic.twitter.com/gdBfa89sK4

AlchemyCoin.io‏ @AlchemyCoinio
Alchemy Coin Enters Exchange Realm in DEPO Deal
Alchemy Coin is entering the cryptocurrency exchange world with a partnership deal announced today with the Depository Network.
Click to Read More

Coincards.ca‏ @CoinCards
Ever wonder what coins our users are spending?

Over 89% of our customers use #Bitcoin while another 10% #PayWithLitecoin. #Dogecoin and #Dash (Our newest addition) both come in at about .5% each.

CryptoMedication‏ @ProofofResearch
Had an interesting debate via private message with an admin of #Decred $DCR about it not being more expensive than Bitcoin (by a factor of 20) to compromise.
Not sure if #Decred $DCR documentation possesses enough info for me to make this assessment.

Forgive some of the typos and in the first screenshot it shouldn't say "following principle", that was meant to lay out the structure of the blocks that the bad actor as able to mine (assuming they had gained this much hashing power)

Byzantine General‏ @generalsaccount
here is an article on the attack cost of a majority attack, basically all things being equal with a Pure PoW based protocol that does not use memory intense algo, it usually comes out to >20x more expensive to attack decred.

CryptoMedication‏ @ProofofResearch
That's the article that I'm referring to that I'm refuting though.

It doesn't consider the impact of the random walk and the fact that the ticket system on Decred isn't designed to validate anything but the fact that the blocks are following the consensus rules on the protocol


Mateusz Bogacki
Posted it already one day in the paid group but decided to post it here too because of the entry level and as a part of Chase Hero's challenge to add value to the free group.

It's definitely an opportunity for whoever is interested.
FA is also part of what we're being taught in the Brief.
A quick overview of the very promising project in my opinion. Please share your thoughts and any knowledge you have about this project.
Description & Background:
Elastos = Trustworthy Ledger(BTC) + Smart Contracts(ETH) + Monetizable Dapps and Digital Assets- “The combination of Elastos and blockchain technology lays the foundation for a trustworthy and secure internet of wealth.”
Elastos is dedicated to creating a brand-new virtual digital smart economic zone based on the traditional basis of the Internet.
ELA is basically described as a new Internet, powered by blockchain, through which people will be able to own digital assets and generate wealth from them.
Elastos will use blockchain technology to issue IDs for digital content, making it possible to know who owns which digital assets.

ELA wants to make digital assets scarce, identifiable and tradable as also eliminate mediator like for example attorney from in between.
The project originated with Chen Rong, the former senior software engineer at Microsoft. He strived to develop the world’s first Internet Operating System in 2000. Rong Chen has been devoted to developing a secure and general operating system for the Internet age since 2000, in 2017 the Elastos became a global project.
Value Proposition:
Ethereum’s smart contract system eliminates mistrust between buyers and sellers.

Comparte éste audio

The problem that ELA is trying to solve is how smart contract system can be applied to a wider array of business? ELA believes that ETH based Dapps have limitations, like; Storage and Speed, Bugs, Cost, Junk data, Lack of flexibility, and security. Furthermore, ETH’s computing and mobile phone computing are not integrated. Elastos believes that due to the mentioned problems usability is difficult and inconvenient and want users to be able to access the blockchain’s trust-based system via the mobile devices.
Today’s smart contracts are designed to run on the blockchain exclusively.

Elastos will allow users to access Dapps via their current operating systems. Dapps will run on Elastos Runtime, which runs on top of Android, iOS or PCs.
Elastos wants to create a platform in which applications and services are not allowed to access the Internet directly. Without access to the network, malware will not be able to steal user data or attack other services on the Internet.
The Elastos design philosophy integrates the convenience of mobile phones with the credibility of blockchain technology, allowing users to access apps without going through a third-party intermediary.

Elastos will create an environment in which digital assets can be traded peer to peer.
Investment Thesis:
+The project started 18 years ago and is developed by big, matured team led by former senior Microsoft engineer.

Buying bitcoin vs trading

It can be said that it is a project of Chen Rong’s life. Elastos has published more than ten million lines of source code, including four million lines of original source code.
+They have been sponsored by industry giants, such as the Tsinghua Science Park, the TD-SCDMA Industrial Alliance and the Foxconn Group for more than 200 million RMB.
+Their partnerships:
SAIC Motor: China's largest auto manufacturer
NEO: Da Hongfei is chief advisor to Elastos and investor.

Elastos, Bitman, and NEO form a partnership called G3
Bitman: Jihan Wu is an advisor to Elastos and partnered with them as Bitman in the G3 alliance with NEO
Urban Catalyst: UK real estate company valued for $2B
Fresco: World’s first blockchain based art asset network partnered with Elastos.
Foxconn: World’s largest electronics manufacturer and China’s largest employer.
There is a rumor about a possible incoming partnership with Huawei.

Not confirmed yet. Also, there’s a rumor that they are going to be listed on Binance.

  • Community: Not the largest one but very active, the team is very responding.
  • Weekly reports available to the public
  • Total supply only 33mm.

    Huobi has 6.5mm circulating supply on their exchange.

    When did dan fleyshman ipo

    My understanding is that it can raise the value of the coin?

  • Since they launched they already had 3x gain
  • Utility seems to be unlimited
  • Marketing, none of the groups I am in know/talk about it. For such a huge and advanced project it seems like they have been neglecting it. They just started doing some advertisements recently as far as I know.

    Considering their ICO price and that they 3x its value perhaps this is one of these projects that doesn’t need good marketing.

  • Competition: EOS- surely #1 project in 2018
  • Lack of concerns means that I’m probably missing something;) So please share whatever you know in the comments below.
    Key Events:
    June 2018- The elastos ID service chain Open Beta will be published open source, supporting multilayered identity verification.
    July 2018- Large-scale applications and projects which dock financial big data services and medical insurance will begin.
    August 2018- The framework for mobile web applications will be published open source, contributing to elastos' application ecology.
    December 2018- The mining of elastos Chain and elastos ID Chain by external nodes will be open and accessible.

Karim Bauer
I think you forgot to mention that by holding ELA you get airdrops of the projects that launch on their blockchain.

When did dan fleyshman ipo

(Already got the first airdrop recently and the next is planned in October)

Ledger Support should come before 2019

Sadly just on Huobi as the only big exchange. Otherwise many more could and would buy it.

EOS is s joke in my opinion, too much hype, so not really a competition

Mark Val
Hola Familia!!
Gary V's "Future of Blockchain" keynote, from the Chainxchange event a few weeks ago.
The same event where our fearless leaders Chase Hero, Dan Fleyshman, and fellow watcher Chad Anderson also ripped the stage.


Invictus Capital‏ @ic_invictus
We’re excited to announce that the Invictus Hyperion Fund, (IHF Token) will be listing on @QuoineGlobal (Liquid) on the 17th of September!

Stocks.Exchange‏ @StocksExchangeR
Today is special day cause Russian ruble (RUB) was added to our exchange!

Bitpanda‏ @bitpanda
New Coin Alert!

Haley's Poker Blog

We can announce @zcashco is coming to the Bitpanda platform!

Bit-Z.com‏ @BitZExchange
Dear traders, Bit-Z will remove GAME, BLK, BTV, XPM, MZC, PPC, HWC, YBCT, ZSC wallet at 15:00 September 30, 2018(UCT/GMT +08:00) and will no longer provide the above currency transfer service

Coinbase Pro‏ @CoinbasePro
ETH–GBP, ETC–GBP, LTC–GBP and BCH–GBP order books are now in full trading mode

MERCATOX‏ @MercatoxCom
Trendercoin (TDC) market added

Huobi Global‏ @HuobiGlobal
HADAX launches KCash (KCASH) on September 7, 2018
We’ve added Vietnamese Dong (VND) to our mobile APP as a quote currency.

CoinMarketCap‏ @CoinMarketCap
New listings!

Ulord (UT), Beetle Coin (BEET), ParkinGo (GOT), ShineChain (SHE), eosBLACK (BLACK)

Bithumb‏ @BithumbOfficial
Arcblock(ABT) and Truechain(True) will be listed on Bithumb Today!

CryptoBridge‏ @CryptoBridge
$BIR @birakecom is now trading on the #CryptoBridge Decentralized Exchange!
$CCC @conciergecoin is now trading on the #CryptoBridge Decentralized Exchange!
$PNDR @CoinPandora is now trading on the #CryptoBridge Decentralized Exchange!

Bittrex‏ @BittrexExchange
New Listing Update: The $ENJ market is open, and trading will begin shortly on @BittrexExchange.


Is EasyCDP safer to use than opening a CDP directly on MakerDAO using metamask?

by ynotplay

I like that easycdp allows me to open a maker cdp using my ledger nano s but since their code isn't open sourced is it actually safer than opening it with metamask installed on Brave browser? Easycdp also takes a 0.7% fee to open a cdp too which is something to take into consideration.

It's most certainly not safer.

EasyCDP is great, and it's trustworthy, but it's also not open source.

When did dan fleyshman ipo

So you can never 100% trust it until they open source it.

I use the SpaceSuit chrome extension instead of MetaMask, when I want to use my Ledger with dapps like dai.makerdao.com that don't support Ledger hardware wallets.

The author James Pickering is a super nice guy who helped me when I reported an issue I had with it on dai.makerdao.com. Now it works great

It's open source and published on GitHub: https://github.com/spacesuit-extension/SpaceSuit

I've created a few CDPs with EasyCDP now.

The UI/UX is amazing compared to the main MakerDao Platform.

I believe they have also received funding from the MakerDao Stable Fund which increases its trustworthiness IMO.
READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/MakerDAO/comments/9dmmkh/is_easycdp_safer_to_use_than_opening_a_cdp/

One of the sadest things right now I am seeing at the moment.

by AGameDeveloper

Being a dev who wants to make crypto games and having someone from another coin get mad at me for not wanting to do the project on the coin they hold instead…

This is PEAK bag holder logic and its extremely shitty on multiple levels.
The coin being shilled cant run the game anyway.
Even though I have researched what is the best platform I guess it doesn't matter.

I need to make the project on the coin that cant run the game or has far less promise of gains in future.
"But! BUT! long list of features that may come out some day in the next few years!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Side chains and blah blah blah!"
"Nobody is going play your game and you wont make money!" (Meanwhile EOS Knights is doing pretty damn well for a game of its type...)

Last I checked EOS knights might be pulling in some solid gains right now.

Especially good for an idle game that would probably flop in the standard mobile market.

Maximalists are going to have a very difficult time coping in the coming months I think. The speculation age is going to take a back seat to the actual use case age...
READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/9dqq2t/one_of_the_sadest_things_right_now_i_am_seeing_at/

Comprehensive EOS voting analysis and raw data
by eosauthority

Here is a full list of all the analysis and charts we have built so far!

General Stats https://eosauthority.com/voting
24% of all tokens have voted (29,092 accounts)
53% of all the tokens are staked (includes B1)

Voting Charts https://eosauthority.com/producers_chart
Find out who the largest account holders vote for
Bitfinex votes are from its users and they cast their vote from multiple proxies
Most tokens and most voters cast their votes for 30 block producers
The line charts, you can hide out certain BPs to see how certain BPs move up and down

Detailed Analytics https://eosauthority.com/voting_analytics
The largest account that voted (11m EOS) has only voted for 2 Block Producers.
EOS Authority has highest number of accounts: 14,452.

About 50% of all voters.
Track exclusive votes, some accounts only vote for one BP, this includes large accounts.
READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/9dkq3v/comprehensive_eos_voting_analysis_and_raw_data/

Is it possible to encrypt/hide information to prevent others from seeing it on EOS?
by eKim1989

Is it possible to encrypt information on EOS?

For example, let's say I want Player1 the option to make an additional bet on a game after obtaining some information, however I don't want Player2 (or anyone else) being able to see what that information is until the game is over. Recommendations?

Store the encrypted value of what you’re trying to hide. When the game is over, decrypt and store the decrypted value.

What you want is not an encryption scheme but a commitment.

For example, consider rock, paper scissors.

Player 1 and Player 2 first publish a commitment to the blockchain in the form H(choice+secret) where choice is 'R', 'P' or 'S'.

Player 1 and 2 then have some allotted period to reveal both choice and secret to the blockchain. If one player chooses not to reveal (choice, secret) then the other wins by default. Once both have been revealed, the winner can then be determined by the contract logic.

The contract should verify the original commitment ensuring neither player has cheated.
READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/9dn8hi/is_it_possible_to_encrypthide_information_to/

Running BOID on Digital Ocean or AWS
by mogmachine

I have a question, with intermediate server skills, would it be possible to instal and run BOID on a Digital Ocean or AWS Linux server?

I did this, for a couple hours, just to see if it worked.

BOID don't have a native Linux app, you need to use the web one. I chose a web browser based on QtWebKit and used the VNC Qt platform plugin so that the server wouldn't need X running. I used the Amazon Linux 2 AMI but installed the web browser in docker running Ubuntu.

The QtWebKit version I was using was old so wasn't efficient, it would be better to use the unofficial build based on a more recent version of WebKit. WebEngine didn't work, and I didn't bother debugging why.
READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/9dsizv/running_boid_on_digital_ocean_or_aws/

Dash Trip - Dash Central Bug
by MarcoCanelon

During the last cycle, there was a bug in Dash Central at an interface level. Anyone using Dash Central and Dash Nexus was unable to see two proposals: MedicinalGenomics_II and Dash-latam-expansion.

When did dan fleyshman ipo

Due to the stated, we thought Dash Trip was going to get funded, but it did not.

We believe this project has a tremendous potential, and because Mnos have already supported us.

We would like to step forward and keep going with this project. We would appreciate a donation of 5 Dash to resubmit the proposal on Dash Central and make this happen.

The plan is to return the 5 Dash as soon as the proposal gets funded. Please if you would like to contribute with us here is our address. Let's make this project Happen
​READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/dashpay/comments/9dumg1/dash_trip_dash_central_bug/

Formosa Financial's answer to ICO, Digital Exchange Exchanges and Funds
by usmcjoop

I’m here to share about your ICO team’s need to secure and maximize or protect the value of the raised funds, so your investment will last and grow.

You see FMF has tiered services and the tokens are encouraged to be used on the platform.

A digital asset exchange or an ICO or individual’s access depends on its FMF stake. Basically, the services are for top-notch multisig crypto and fiat custodial services; treasury mgmt with liquidity access to over 95 exchanges for quick and efficient buying and selling digital asset and with an option for P2P lending so extra crypto or cash can earn interest; for payments that has digital fiat withdrawals with full compliance to laws and regulation and/or tru traditional banking with bank partners for international transfers.

So there, simple yet most neglected part of ICO industry – securing and protecting digital assets value.

You don’t want another bitcoin private story of a developer stealing funds, or an ICO panic selling their ETH, or an ICO that lost the funds through numerous conventions coz the bottom line most affected is YOU- the investor.
READ MORE: https://old.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/9drt58/formosa_financials_answer_to_ico_digital_exchange/


Alchemy Coin Enters Exchange Realm in DEPO Deal
Alchemy Coin

Alchemy Coin is entering the cryptocurrency exchange world with a partnership deal announced today with the Depository Network.

The deal gives Alchemy Coin, the growing peer-to-peer lender, a foothold into the critical world of exchange access and liquidity for digital assets and is a big win for the company, according to CEO Justin Jung.

“Tapping liquidity at the right time with the right partners is the key to staying in the game,” says Alchemy Coin CEO Justin Jung.

Tentukan sendiri jalan cerita selanjutnya.

“We’re very, very pleased with our newly-formed partnership with the good folks at Depository Network and look forward to a long-lasting, productive relationship with their entire team.”

“We are witnessing the beginning of blockchain digitalization of a huge number of assets from the traditional economy,” says Depository Network CEO Svetoslav Dimitrov. “In the near future, we believe many commercial assets and shares, and most corporate bonds, government securities and globally-traded derivatives will be digitized or tokenized — enabling anyone worldwide to access them.

A natural question arises: how to enable the value of these digital assets and develop the necessary blockchain infrastructure for their use? Depository Network provides a vital element of this infrastructure: a safe, decentralized depository for collateral assets. In the digital world, this is just as critical as in the traditional world.”
READ MORE: https://medium.com/alchemy-coin/alchemy-coin-enters-exchange-realm-in-depo-deal-2ecd7d44ac22

EOS = Empty Optimism Surfacing
Angelo Alessio

A $4B+ dollar raise for a pre-traction, open source protocol never ends well…

In what was arguably the most hyped ICO of 2017–2018, EOS and its $4B+ raise seemed to burn as bright as the sun in the crypto-verse.

Ipo search for a trade mark

But it’s already becoming clear that EOS is more like a dwindling supernova…

Early Fractures

EOSIO, the open source protocol of EOS, has already experienced six distinct forks. By looking at EOS as a whole (still an early stage, overfunded startup), this is analogous to the early employees of a company splitting in six different directions…aka an outright implosion.

To be clear, even if you view EOS as an unstoppable behemoth, this is not the equivalent of having a theoretical opportunity to “fork” an established tech giant like Facebook or Google for example.

Both of these companies have already spent years building and extracting their mountainous value from network effects, thus fortifying their very wide moats. Early blockchain forks simply add more competitors and everything from the dApps to the user base are anyone’s game…

Mounting Tech Challenges

While UX/UI challenges remain with Ethereum-based dApps to include gas fees, one of the primary premises of EOS was to allow free services for users thus encouraging widespread adoption.

But it’s naive to think crypto was exempt from basic economics in that there is no free lunch.

Posts Tagged ‘PokerStars’

What has been made free for the user with EOS has become costly for the developers. Between the network resources required (RAM, CPU, & NET) to develop on EOSIO, the costs to onboard a dApp user are currently $3.12.

That totals to a $30M customer acquisition cost before marketing efforts just to reel in 10M users, raising some serious doubts for scalability. In order to achieve a sustainable business model for a theoretical must-have dApp (still waiting…), these costs will eventually have to shift back to the user, thereby diluting early claims of EOS.

As one of the many challenges going forward, one would think that development activity would increase. But in fact, it is just the opposite with a dramatic drop-off in activity right around June 1st, which marked the end of the ICO!
READ MORE: https://medium.com/dig3st/eos-empty-optimism-surfacing-640c77f1a69e

Lynx/WorkCoin: The First Ever Dual Token Sale
Robin Kakou

Dear WorkCoin Supporters and Followers,

We’ve finally finished the pre-sale phase for WorkCoin — Since the project started on 9/1/17, we have raised 3MM USD in Tokens and 2.5MM USD in equity for a total of 5.5MM USD in pre-ICO funding.

This represents 130MM tokens purchased during the pre-sale. We are now in the public token sale phase at a price of 7 cents per token to start.

When did dan fleyshman ipo

The sale is currently live at https://workcoin.net. It will run for 60 days, and we will distribute the tokens at the end of the ICO.

While working on the development of WorkCoin, we stumbled onto a couple of roadblocks.

One of the main challenges we encountered was the way we wanted our customers to interact with the app; more specifically, the way they would transfer funds around/inside the app. We definitely didn’t want to use a plug-in, so we came up with the greatest wallet now commonly known as EOS Lynx.

EOS Lynx was created because we understood that in order to bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to the masses we needed to think about the ultimate user-experience.

Our mission was to make it possible to use crypto without being a developer or tech person. Based on feedback from our users and now fans, we have achieved this goal and continue to make improvements.

When did dan fleyshman ipo

Over the past month, EOS Lynx rapidly gained interest in the community and grew beyond our expectations. Having realized that, dApps integration became a natural evolution. EOSBet Dice was integrated on iOS, Android and desktop a little over a week ago. Since then, our user-base has grown exponentially as well as EOS Lynx usage.
READ MORE: https://medium.com/@robinkakou/lynx-workcoin-the-first-ever-dual-token-sale-38c26d048db4

HIBTC.COM — The world’s number one trading platform

Today I would like to introduce to you the largest trading floor in the world that is HIBTC.

What is HIBTC?

Hibtc is a secure and secure exchange that has partnered with a number of security companies, using multi-layered firewalls, multiple signatures and quarantine programs to maximize security.

of the user property on the trading platform.

The exchange will use the commercial mining business model, which will distribute up to 50 HIBT codes to the user based on its trading model + token, as of yesterday [06-step 2018 ], 91.755.75 USDT is distributed to users of trading platform based on its trading as distribution, mining and dividend.

Many of us are familiar with the concept of electronic money, and with the opportunities it represents.

For some, this is an asset that in the long run will yield good returns, for others it is a good tool to make money on the deal. It is for a professional trader, as well as for a beginner, that a very important moment is the authoritative application of all the tools available for trading.

One important factor in this is the choice of trade. In this overview, I want to share stocks, which have a pretty good set of tools for trading, as well as providing a good opportunity for each trader to deal with their trading strategies. This project is called HiBTC.
READ MORE: https://medium.com/@dieuanh180815/hibtc-com-the-worlds-number-one-trading-platform-715de9824e72


Bitcoin is up 1.21% at $6,493.590 with a volume of Ƀ71.6k - $463.2M on the USD pairs.

Ether is down 1.55% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.03492 per Ether and down 0.76% against the dollar to $225.74 with average volume Ƀ51.2k on the ETH/BTC pair.

Bitcoin Cash is up 1.17% to Ƀ0.07931 with volumes of Ƀ17.8k and up 2.44% against the dollar at $513.8.

Ripple is up 2.14% to Ƀ0.00004542 with volumes of Ƀ8.8k and up 3.26% against the dollar at $0.2943.

Zcash is up 0.35% for the day to Ƀ0.02006 per ZEC and up 0.94% against the dollar to $129.6 with an average volume of Ƀ4.0k for the 24 hour period.

Litecoin is up 2.73% against the dollar for the day at $56.87 and up 1.5% to Ƀ0.008772 on volumes of Ƀ9.6k.

Dash is up 4.59% at Ƀ0.02733 with Ƀ7.2k volume and up 5.21% against the dollar at $176.83.

Iota is up 7.28% to Ƀ0.00009105 on Ƀ1.6k volume.

Ether Classic is up 1.97% to Ƀ0.001814 with volumes of Ƀ10.6k and up 2.87% against the dollar at $11.82.

Monero is up 5.38% against the dollar at $116.65 and up 4.22% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.01801 on volumes of Ƀ3.0k.

Neo is up 6.54% for the day to Ƀ0.00311 per NEO and up 8.05% against the dollar to $20.14 with an average volume of Ƀ5.0k for the 24 hour period.

Waves is up 1.07% to Ƀ0.0003033 on Ƀ474.507 volume.

Stratis is up 3.85% to Ƀ0.0002456 on Ƀ268.417 volume.

Cardano is up 1.84% to Ƀ0.00001327 on Ƀ2.2k volume.

NEM is up 2.46% to Ƀ0.00001583 on Ƀ662.584 volume.

EOS is up 2.39% to Ƀ0.0008016 on Ƀ11.5k volume.

Tron is up 2.82% to Ƀ0.00000328 on Ƀ5.6k volume.

Stellar is up 2.37% to Ƀ0.00003156 on Ƀ4.3k volume.


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