Waterfall Diagram In Event Of Ipo

Waterfall diagram in event of ipo

Valuation Waterfall Graph

Show your audience how the share price of a target company can be broken up in its sub-components

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Download this Waterfall chart, aptly used for Sum of Parts valuation.

Waterfall diagram in event of ipo

Make the most of it to impress your clients.

What is a waterfall chart?

"A waterfall chart is a form of data visualization that helps in understanding the cumulative effect of sequentially introduced positive or negative values. The waterfall chart is also known as a flying bricks chart or Mario chart due to the apparent suspension of columns (bricks) in mid-air.

Easiest Excel Waterfall Chart (Bridge graph) from Scratch - Works with minus values

Often in finance, it will be referred to as a bridge.

Waterfall charts were popularized by the strategic consulting firm McKinsey & Company in its presentations to clients."

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