Virtu Ipo Prospectus Pdf

Virtu ipo prospectus pdf

Siap IPO, Analis Sebut Uni-Charm sebagai Calon Emiten Potensial

NEO provides free real-time market data on NEO listed securities. For non-professional data users, NEO also provides no-charge real-time data on other Canadian listed securities that trade on NEO.

To facilitate more affordable display access to consolidated Canadian market data, NEO offers reduced fees to professional subscribers whose business is focussed on servicing the retail investor.

Market Data Fee Schedule

How do I subscribe to NEO Exchange data?

Subscribing to NEO market data can be done through an approved data distributor, by receiving the data directly from NEO, or as part of a Canadian consolidated feed.

For further information please contact [email protected]

Virtu ipo prospectus pdf