Uscis Ipo Chief Of Staff

Uscis ipo chief of staff

Uscis ipo chief of staff

IPO (Immigrant Investor Program Office) Deputy Chief, Julia Harrison, shared what IPO has planned for FY17 during the IIUSA and AILA Conferences.

Harrison revealed a much needed update for form I-526, which should help improve efficiency from intake to adjudication. Key information will be soon become available on the first page of the form, allowing USCIS staff to ensure filings are routed to the correct queues.

She writes, “USCIS is updating I-526 to collect additional information about the petitioner, the petitioner’s investment, and the new commercial enterprise into which the petitioner is investing.

Uscis ipo chief of staff

This additional information is generally required under the authorizing statute and regulations, and the addition of these data points to the form will better assist USCIS in capturing data previously submitted via supporting documentation. It will also assist petitioners in better understanding the specific supporting documentation required to underlie the petition eligibility requirements. “

Improvements to the technology of the process will be implemented in FY17, including conducting virtual interviews for I-829 approvals.

Uscis ipo chief of staff

Also, a new online tool will be employed in order to better address the organization and volume of emails.

To allow for enhanced quality and timeliness in responses, advancements will be made to the USCIS customer service teams. A new team of adjudications officers will help oversee inquiries and assist with I-829 applications, speeding the process along.

More EB-5 interactives will become available on the USCIS website, as was first introduced in FY15, but abandoned in FY16.

FirstPathway Partners will provide updates as USICS incorporates more tools and services for EB-5 investors. 

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