Pags Ipo Price Talk

Pags ipo price talk

Pags ipo price talk

Company: PagSeguro Digital Ltd.
Symbol: PAGS
Description: They are a disruptive provider of financial technology solutions focused primarily on Micro-Merchants, Small Companies and Medium-Sized Companies, or SMEs, in Brazil.
Shares: 92.1 million
Price Range: $17.50-$20.50
Trade Date: 1/24
Underwriter(s): Goldman Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, BofA Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Securities, J.P.

Terms Added: 1-10-18

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Business: They are the only financial technology provider in Brazil whose business model covers all of the following five pillars:

  • Multiple digital payment solutions
  • In-person payments via POS devices that we sell to clients
  • Free digital accounts
  • Issuer of prepaid cards to clients for spending or withdrawing account balances
  • Operating as an acquirer

Their  end-to-end digital ecosystem enables theircustomers not only to accept payments, but also to grow and manage their businesses.

Before PagSeguro, many of these Micro-Merchants and SMEs were overlooked or underserved by incumbent payment providers and large financial institutions in Brazil.

Financials: Their total revenue and income was $R325.8 million, R$674.9 million and R$1.14 billion and their net income was R$27.2 million, R$35.5 million and R$127.8 million in 2014, 2015, and 2016, respectively.

Book-Building Status: The way the book comes together during the week of the roadshow is the most critical indicator to first-day and first-week performance.

Pags ipo price talk

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Pags ipo price talk