Marshall Machinery Ltd Ipo

Marshall machinery ltd ipo

New SME IPO - Marshall Machines (Listing on NSE)

Marshall Machines Limited is currently active in developing, manufacturing and marketing of Machine Tool Equipment. It is the first Indian CNC Machine manufacturers since 1998. The company offers a vast product portfolio which consists of All Geared Lathes, Multi Spindle Drilling/Tapping Machines & Special Purpose Machines.

Date of incorporation: Marshall Machines Limited was incorporated as ‘V.B.

Marshall machinery ltd ipo

Spinning Mills Private Limited’ on 23rd of May 1994. Subsequently, the company was reformed as the public limited company on 17th of May 2018.

Promoters of Marshall Machines Limited: Mr Gaurav Sarup and Mr Prashant Sarup are the promoters of Marshall Machines Limited.

Products and Services Offering: Marshall Machines provides products and solutions to a wide range of industries including Axles, Crankshafts, Auto Parts, Fans, Bearings and Gear Blanks among others.

It currently offers a  range of CNC machinery tools that consist of:

   - Rapidturn - Double Head Single Slide CNC Turning Center.

  • - Rigidturn - Extra Heavy Duty CNC Turning Centre.

  • - Twinturn - Double Head Double Turret CNC Turning Center.

  • - Roboturn - ‘Smart’ Automated Turning Solutions with IoTQ.

Customer Segments: Marshall Machines has diversified customer segments across several key players namely Honda, Havells, Usha and Rockman among others.

The Objects of Marshall Machineries Limited IPO: The core objective of Marshall Machinery Limited IPO are:

  • - Capital Augmentation.

  • - Reforming of existing R&D Unit and IOTQ Center.

  • - Issue expenses.

  • - General Corporate expenses.

  • - Formation of new IOTQ Center.

Company Financials:

Summary of Financial Information (Restated)


For the year/period ended (in Rs.

Marshall machinery ltd ipo


3 -Mar-18

3 -Mar-17

3 -Mar-16

3 -Mar-15

3 -Mar-14

Total Assets

7 964.13

6 503.73

5 935.76

5 955.71

5 270.74

Total Revenue

5 942.43

5 054.42

4 390.66

4 257.46

3 928.43

Profit After Tax

5 0.3

1 0.49

4 .53

2 .96