John Laing Group Plc Ipo

John laing group plc ipo

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The final John Laing Group plc Offer Price was set at 195p.

Retail investors who applied for up to £5,000 of Shares have been allocated in full, rounded down to the nearest whole Share.

Those who applied for more than £5,000 should be allocated 2,564 shares (worth £4,999.80 at the Offer Price) plus 75% of the amount applied for in excess of that figure, rounded down to the nearest whole share, and subject to a maximum allocation of 50,000 shares.

The table below highlights some examples of allocations based on single application amounts.

Please note the allocation policy was set by John Laing Group plc, not Hargreaves Lansdown.

Application valueShares allocatedTotal costCurrent valueCash returned to
your Vantage account

Current value based on 15 min delayed bid-price

When will John Laing Group plc shares appear on client accounts?

We expect allocated shares and cash balances to be added to clients' accounts by 8am 12 February 2015.

We will email clients once the shares are on their accounts.

John laing group plc ipo

Confirmation of allocations will be sent to clients by secure message or by post on 12 February 2015.

Dealing in John Laing Group plc shares

Conditional dealing in John Laing Group plc shares will start at 8am 12 February. You can buy and sell John Laing Group plc shares from this point, please see below for more details about conditional dealing.

Placing a deal is easy.

John laing group plc ipo

The quickest, easiest - and lowest cost - way to deal is online. If you have registered for online access you can give us your dealing instruction by logging into your account with your username and Master Password.

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Our standard dealing commission is £11.95 per deal if you buy and sell shares online, and 1% (minimum £20, maximum £50) to deal by telephone or post. Find out more about our charges.

How to buy and sell shares online

What is conditional dealing?

Conditional dealing is placing a deal before the shares are fully listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Whilst unlikely, should John Laing Group plc decide to cancel the listing during 'conditional dealing' all deals in their shares will become void.

Clients who sell their John Laing Group plc shares and reinvest into another investment will be liable for any difference if the deals become void.

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It is also not possible to buy shares within an ISA or SIPP during conditional trading, but you can sell them if you wish.

We expect John Laing Group plc shares to become fully listed on the London Stock Exchange and 'unconditional dealing' to commence at 8am on 17 February 2015.

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Expected timetable

Offer open:29 January 2015
Offer close:10 February 2015
Allocations announced:12 February 2015
Trading begins
Conditional dealing:12 February 2015
Unconditional dealing:17 February 2015

Please note: This is an expected timetable.

All dates may be subject to change without prior notice.

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    John laing group plc ipo

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