Jain Farm Fresh Ipo

Jain farm fresh ipo

Jain farm fresh ipo

Sleaford Quality Foods

Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited owned Sleaford Quality Foods is a leading supplier of high-quality ingredients for the food manufacturing and catering industries. We specialise in dried and dehydrated food products from herbs and spices; to potatoes, and onions; from fruits and vegetables to dried soups, bouillons, gravies, seasonings and core cooking ingredients.

Innova Foods

Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited has acquired a 100 per cent controlling stake in InnovaFood N V Belgium.

InnovaFood is a leading importer, stockiest and distributor of raw materials for the food industry and has become one of the leading players in the distribution of dehydrated vegetables, spices and other food ingredients in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and other neighbouring countries.

Frozen Ingredients Division
(White Oak Frozen Foods)

Jain Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.

Jain Farm Fresh

Frozen Ingredients Division (FID), part of the Jain American family, is a manufacturer and supplier of organic, natural and roasted frozen vegetables. Our unique process partially reduces the moisture of freshly harvested vegetables to control syneresis (water loss) when thawed or heated. All products are certified 'Ready to Eat'.

Dehydrated Ingredients Division
(Cascade Specialties)

This is the Dehydrated Ingredients Division of Jain Farm Fresh Foods Limited.

Jain farm fresh ipo

It is also the premier manufacturer and supplier of naturally grown and organic dehydrated onion products worldwide.

Fruit Processing

Jain Food Park-1, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)
Jain Food Park-2, Chittoor, Andra Pradesh (India)

Spices Processing

Jain Food Park, Jain Valley, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)

Dehydrated Ingredients Division

Jain Food Park-1, Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)
Jain Food Park-2, Dhobikuva, Baroda, Gujarat (India)