Ivi Ipo Sample Ballot

Ivi ipo sample ballot

Ivi ipo sample ballot

Candidate Application for IVI-IPO Endorsement

·       The IVI-IPO contacts all candidates who have duly filed with the State Board of Elections or with the County Clerk to notify them of their eligibility to apply for endorsement.

To receive timely endorsement procedural and scheduling updates, including notification of questionnaire availability, please register at this link: http://tiny.cc/6s0soy

·       For all candidates, the first part of the endorsement process requires the timely completion of our candidate questionnaire.

Ivi ipo sample ballot

The questionnaires will be posted for candidate download on the IVI-IPO website (http://www.iviipo.org/) during the week of December 11, 2017.

o   To be considered for an IVI-IPO endorsement, the questionnaire should be completed and submitted by no later than 12 midnight (CST), Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

§  After completing your questionnaire, please “Save as” a PDF file named using this form: LastnameFirstName_ElectoralOffice2018.


Ivi ipo sample ballot


·       Judicial candidates should submit their questionnaire via e-mail attachment to: [email protected]

·       Candidates for non-judicial offices should submit their questionnaire via e-mail attachment to: [email protected]

§  The IVI-IPO will post all candidate submitted questionnaires on the IVI-IPO website.

·       Candidate's home addresses and phone numbers will be removed from the questionnaire prior to posting.

·       For non-judicial candidates, the second part of the endorsement process requires an endorsement interview.

Judicial interviews are required only for 5th and 8th Subcircuit candidates. Candidates requiring interviews must do the following.

o   After submitting your completed questionnaire, you will need to contact the appropriate Chapter Chair to schedule your interview.

§  The IVI-IPO only endorses in contested races.

§  Candidates are required to participate in an interview to be eligible for endorsement but that the candidate may either appear in person or via a representative.

§  The interviews take place before the IVI-IPO membership and interested members of the general public but opposing candidates are excluded.

Chicagowski Kwadrans 2017 07 27 Emanuel Wiadukt Kamery, IVI IPO Arena

The interview typically includes a fifteen to twenty-minute candidate speech and a question and answer session.

o   Please consult the table below to identify the office for which you are a candidate, the associated IVI-IPO Chapter and scheduled endorsement session date, and contact information for scheduling your interview.

2018 Endorsement Process Interview Schedule and Contact Information

Electoral Office

IVI-IPO Chapter and Session Details

Session Chair

·  All Statewide and Countywide Offices

All Chapters

Saturday, January 27

Aldophus “Al” Kindle [email protected]


·  IL Senate: 8th

·  IL House: 14th

·  County Board: 10th & 13th

Far North Chapter

Sunday, January 14

Herb Ziegeldorf

[email protected]

·  Congress: 9th 

·  IL House: 17th

Far North Chapter

Wednesday, January 10

Herb Ziegeldorf

[email protected]

·  Judicial Subcircuit: 8th

·  County Board: 12th   

Near North Chapter

Saturday, January 13

David Igasaki

[email protected]


·  Congress: 5th

·  District Central Committeeman: 5th

Near North Chapter

Saturday, January 20

David Igasaki

[email protected]


·  Congress: 4th 

·  IL Senate:  20th

·  IL House: 3rd, 4th & 19th

·  County Board: 8th

Northwest Chapter

Saturday, January 13

Aviva Patt

[email protected]

·  Congress: 1st & 2nd

·  IL House: 5th, 6th, & 25th

·  County Board: 3rd & 4th

·  Judicial Subcircuit: 5th

South Chapter

Sunday, January 21

Rob Carroll [email protected]

·  Congress: 7th

·  IL House: 10th

·  County Board: 1st & 2nd

West Side

Monday, January 8

Aviva Patt

[email protected]

·  Any office not listed above.

Unorganized Areas

Sunday, January 28

Aviva Patt

[email protected]

IVI-IPO Endorsement Process Governance

The rules governing the IVI-IPO endorsement process are contained in, or instituted in accordance with, relevant sections of the IVI-IPO Constitution and IVI-IPO Bylaws.

These are available on the IVI-IPO website (www.iviipo.org):

·       IVI-IPO Constitution: http://www.iviipo.org/IVI-IPO%20Constitution%20Revised%2020091001.pdf

·       IVI-IPO Bylaws: http://www.iviipo.org/IVI-IPO%20BYLAWS.pdf

IVI-IPO Member Eligibility for Participation in the Endorsement Process

·       Members who have joined IVI-IPO at least 180 days prior to the election to which an endorsement session pertains, and whose dues are paid (not more than 90 days delinquent), may vote in political districts of their address on file with IVI-IPO (this is usually the home address).

Members who must pay dues in order to vote will be so designated on the membership list.

o   To vote in the endorsement sessions for the March 20, 2018 election, a member’s IVI-IPO membership must have been activated by September 21, 2017.

o   Any questions regarding eligibility to vote, including which district a member is eligible to vote in, will be decided by the ranking Steering Committee member present at the session.

·       To be eligible to vote, each IVI-IPO member must have signed in and received a voting card, and must have heard at least part of each candidate's speech.

o   No member who arrives after the first candidate has finished their speech may vote on endorsements.

o   Any member eligible to vote may make motions or speak to motions.

o   People who are not eligible to vote on a race may only address an interview session if the Chair and/or a majority of those present and voting agree to hear that person.

o   An IVI-IPO Board Member who has an economic interest in a campaign or candidate may participate in debate and voting, providing their interest is disclosed to the body.

o   Candidates may not be present during the filling out of the Evaluation Sheets or during discussion of motions.

Candidate Proxy Voting

·       Only a candidate who is an eligible member may vote by proxy.

o   Such candidates may leave a written proxy specifying how they would like to vote on particular motions with the Chair or, in writing, designate another qualified member to vote on their behalf.

§  Only the candidate may leave a proxy: the candidate's spouse, staff, etc., if they are members, must abide by the same rules as any other member.

§  Although the candidate must vote by proxy, their spouse may remain for the voting and even participate in debate.

Candidate Speeches

·       Candidates typically have a short period of time (one to five minutes) to make a verbal presentation.

The exact time allotted depends upon the overall number of candidates and endorsements that must be decided in each session.

·       No projection equipment or video monitors may be used for the candidate speeches.

IVI-IPO Endorsement Session Recording of Motions and Voting

·       The Chair shall record all motions and the exact numbers of “yes” and “no” votes on the Candidate Report Sheet.

IVI-IPO Member Proceedings: Endorsement Motions and Speeches

·       Only as many candidates as are required to fill the electorally contested position(s) may be endorsed.

·       After all candidates' speeches have been heard, the Chair will ask for a motion:

o   To endorse one candidate OR

o   for no endorsement.

·       Before a vote is called, the Chair will ask if there are IVI-IPO members wishing to speak.

o   If no voting-eligible member wishes to speak, a vote may proceed without calling the question (i.e., without a formal motion to close the debate and take a vote).

§  Non-eligible voters may only speak if no eligible member wishes to speak.

·       If a member wishes to speak, debate on a motion may not be closed until four speakers, two pro and two con, have been heard.

o   The Chair shall set a time limit for speakers.

o   The maker of the motion may speak first or defer to another eligible voting member.

Non-Binding Votes (“Straw Polls”), Secret Ballots, and Binding Votes

·       Before moving to a vote, the Chair will ask if there is any voting-eligible member is unready to vote.

o   Any eligible member may move to extend the time limit.

§  Such a motion requires a majority vote and is non-debatable.

o   A member may request, and the chair must entertain, a non-binding poll (or “straw poll”).

§  Straw poll voting will be by show of voting cards.

o   A motion for a secret ballot may be made when the endorsement vote question is called or anytime previously.

§  For non-judicial endorsements, a motion for a secret ballot will prevail if supported by any five members.

·       The procedure is for one member to make the motion, followed by the Chair asking if there are four additional members joining the request.

§  For judicial endorsements, a motion for a secret ballot by any voting member shall prevail.

o   For every secret ballot vote, each member is given a new card of a different color.

§  Members write the votes on their voting cards and turn them into the Chair.

·       The chair shall first count and announce the “yes” total.

o   If any voting eligible member disputes the “yes” total, they may call for a recount of the “yes” votes.

§  Such requests may only be made immediately following the Chair’s announcement of the “yes” vote total.

·       The chair shall next count and announce the “no” total.

o   If any voting eligible member disputes the “no” total, they may call for a recount of the “no” votes.

§  Such requests may only be made immediately following the Chair’s announcement of the “no” vote total.

·       The first motion that receives a majority shall prevail: no further motions may be made.

·       After the “yes” and “no” vote counts have been announced, no motion for a recount or reconsideration will be entertained except where all endorsement motions have failed and no member seeks to make a new motion.

o   In only this circumstance, a motion to reconsider may be made by a member who voted “no” on a motion that failed to pass.

Required Majorities, “Membership Endorsement” and State Board Review

·       A “Membership Endorsement” is not subject to review by the State Board.

o   A “Membership Endorsement,” is sustained if:

§  a quorum of members has signed in AND

·       a quorum equals 15% of voting eligible membership OR 15 members, whichever is greater)

§  the motion carries with a 3/5 vote of those present and voting.

·       Abstentions do not count toward the 3/5 vote.

·       If a quorum has not signed in the action is taken by fewer than 3/5 of those present and voting, the action goes to the State Board

o   The State Board may either:

§  accept the action OR

§  return the action to the chapter for reconsideration.

·       If there where there were fewer than ten voting members present for the interview and vote the State Board is unconstrained in choosing what action to take.

·       In all cases, endorsements are not final until reviewed and announced by the State Board.

Ivi ipo sample ballot