Ipos Group Mta Eng

Ipos group mta eng

In November 2008 the European Union Ministers of Defence decided in their Council of the European Union Conclusions on the ESDP (2903rd External Relations Council Meeting) to establish an Implementation Group (IG) for the so-called “European Initiative for the exchange of young officers inspired by Erasmus”, or with other names “Military Erasmus” or “EMILYO” (Exchange of MILitary Young Officers).

The overall goal of this IG is to harmonize the European Union Basic Officer Education and to increase interoperability, thus to increase Europe’s security.

MTA Nazm - Yeh Jasla Hamara (mens group)

With all its activities the IG shall promote a European Security and Defence Culture, in terms of spreading the idea among the Officer Cadets and Students participating in the Basic Officer Education, that current and future challenges can be better managed together.

More information about the Military Erasmus initiative can be found on the webpage:  WWW.EMILYO.EU.

Ipos group mta eng