Ipo Virtual Data Room Software Systems

Ipo virtual data room software systems

Ipo virtual data room software systems

Virtual Data Room Software Overview

What is Virtual Data Room Software?

Virtual Data Room Software provides a digital location to store and share proprietary information with third parties via strictly controlled digital documents protected by limiting and configurable role-based permissions and rules.

Furthermore, virtual data room software can also provide different rule sets for different projects and meetings.

This provides effective compartmentalization as different meetings and groups may be controlled by different rulesets appropriate to the meeting or teams involved in it.

What is in a Data Room?

The critical and sensitive corporate data stored in a virtual data room is most commonly associated with deals.

It is generally private documentation that is typically considered to be of high value to the company.

Ipo virtual data room software systems

For example, data relating to intellectual property, such as trade secrets and copyrighted works, financial data relating to mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, IPO, audits, board communications, or other sensitive transactions.


Virtual data rooms have replaced physical data rooms largely because of convenience and security.

Virtual data rooms allow companies to share due diligence information securely and from anywhere in the world.

Pricing Information

Virtual data room pricing varies with different pricing models across the category.

Ipo virtual data room software systems

One popular pricing scheme is to pay per deal. Typically pricing is between $1,500-$2,500 per deal. It is also possible to spend significantly more for a multiple deal option.

Ipo virtual data room software systems