Ipo Treadmill Smart Walk Slim Tread Folding Treadmill Reviews

Ipo treadmill smart walk slim tread folding treadmill reviews

IPO Treadmill Smart Walk Slim Tread Folding Treadmill Intelligent Speed Control Compact Treadmill Un

  • If you walk in the very front of the treadmill, it goes faster, the middle part of the treadmill is constant speed and walking on the back end of the treadmill will slow you down

  • Intelligent Speed Control Walking and Running Machine(Gray)This treadmill is exactly what I was looking for

  • I seriously wanted to love it because of it's compact size and the ease of storage, but after nearly flying off the thing while moving along at a good speed, I decided I was going to throw my back out trying to stay on it or break something falling off of it

  • With intelligent speed control, this smart walk is different from any traditional treadmill I have ever tried