Guotai Junan Securities Ipo

Guotai junan securities ipo

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partially state-owned enterprise
Traded asSSE: 601211
IndustryFinancial services
Founded1992; 28 years ago (1992)
HeadquartersShanghai, China

Key people

YANG Dehong, Chairman of the Board
WANG Song, President
SHANG Hongbo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board[1]
ProductsInvestment banking, asset management, prime brokerage, investment management, retail brokerage, commodities
Revenue RMB 37.6 billion(2015)[2]

Operating income

RMB 22.1 billion(2015)

Net income

RMB 16.7 billion(2015)
Total assets RMB 454.3 billion(2015)
Total equity RMB 101.6 billion(2015)

Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd.

Bitcoin money or financial investment

(GTJA) is one of the largest investment banks and securities companies in the People's Republic of China.[3]


Guotai Junan Securities Co.

Ltd., was established on August 18, 1999 after the merger of former Guotai Securities Co. Ltd.

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(founded on September 10, 1992) and Junan Securities Co. Ltd.

Guotai Junan Securities faces punishment for violating Chinese market rules

(founded on August 25, 1992), currently with registered capital of RMB 6.1 billion.

Guotai Junan is among the leading Chinese investment banks in terms of business coverage, agency distribution and customers served. Guotai Junan has 5 subsidiaries: Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd.

Trading platform with faster turn around

(registered in Hong Kong), Guotai Junan Futures Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guotai Junan Securities Asset Management Co., Ltd., GTJA Innovation Investment Co., Ltd. and Guotai Junan Allianz Fund Management Co., Ltd.

The company has set up 26 branches, 193 securities outlets in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across China.

Guotai junan securities ipo

Innovation-wise, Guotai Junan has also been one of the Chinese financial industry's leaders. Its achievements have included: launching the first asset management business in 1993; being the first Mainland China securities company to initiate operations in Hong Kong in 1995; being the first among Chinese securities companies to establish a research institute in 1996; obtaining the first securities dealer qualification for agency share transfer and hosting offer in 2001; it was also among the first to have been approved to conduct QFII business in 2003; to serve as primary dealer of the central bank open market, to become a market maker in inter-bank bond market; being amongst the first companies that received QDII qualifications and financial futures business qualifications in 2007; taking the lead in getting the qualification for equity investment and futures IB business in 2008; obtaining the margin trading & securities lending qualification in 2010.

In the same year, Guotai Junan International Holdings Limited, under the administration of Guotai Junan Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

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was listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the first public enterprise under the ownership of a Mainland securities company in Hong Kong. In March 2011, Guotai Junan International Holdings was selected to become an Index constituent stock within the Hang Seng Hong Kong Composite Index, being the only constituent stock among the Chinese securities firms.

Guotai junan securities ipo

Guotai Junan was one of the first Chinese securities companies engaged in a variety of financial services. It was the exclusive financial consultant in managing the overall listing of SAIC Group: the first A+H IPO; the first bond product with a guaranteed floating return; the first asset backed security product; and, the first non-guaranteed local enterprise bond.

Guotai junan securities ipo

It has also been the first to introduce quantitative investment concepts and trading strategies, managing the first hedge fund in China. Guotai Junan is the first investment bank conducting cross-border business and the first one to gain the approval for RQFII.

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Junhong Wealth Club, one of the leading brands in Chinese wealth management, is also operated by the bank.

During 2004–2011, the company has been top-ranked in World Brand Lab-China's 500 Most Valuable Chinese Securities Brands.

Guotai junan securities ipo

Between 2008–2012, it has obtained Class A AA-level according to the securities classification of the China Securities Regulatory Commission for five consecutive years.


Guotai Junan Securities is a partially state-owned enterprise, headquartered in Shanghai. The company's international business is managed through its Hong Kong subsidiary, Guotai Junan International. The parent company includes the following subsidiaries:

  • Guotai Junan Futures
  • GTJA Innovation Investment
  • Guotai Junan Asset Management
  • Guotai Junan International

Business Scope[edit]

  • Brokerage
  • Proprietary Investment
  • Securities Underwriting and Sponsors
  • Securities Investment Consultancy
  • Finance Consultancy on Securities Investment and Trading
  • Fund Distribution
  • Margin Trading and Securities Lending
  • IB for Futures Companies
  • Asset Management (Subsidiary)
  • Equity Investment (Subsidiary)
  • Commodity/Financial Futures Brokerage (Subsidiary)
  • Fund Management and Establishment (Subsidiary)
  • Oversea Business (Subsidiary)
  • Other business approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission

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Guotai junan securities ipo