Gse Holding Inc Ipo

Gse holding inc ipo

Gse holding inc ipo

A Nov. 29 press release from GSE Holding Inc.

Gse holding inc ipo

announced that it has commenced an initial public offering of 9 million shares of its common stock pursuant to a registration statement filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

GSE Holding is offering 5.4 million shares of its common stock and certain selling stockholders are offering 3.6 million shares of its common stock, according to the release.

GSE Holding Celebrates Recent IPO rings the NYSE Closing Bell

Underwriters are granted a 30-day over-allotment option to purchase up to 1.35 million additional shares.

About GSE Holding

GSE Holding, a Delaware corporation, is headquartered in Houston. It is a global provider of engineered geosynthetic containment solutions for environmental protection and confinement applications, the press release said.

Gse holding inc ipo

Its products are used in a range of infrastructure end markets such as mining, waste management, liquid containment (including water infrastructure, agriculture and aquaculture), coal-ash containment, and shale oil and gas.

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