Gain Capital Ipo Cornerstone Investors

Gain capital ipo cornerstone investors


Gain Capital IPO

Investment Objective

In today’s unforseeable markets, agricultural and aquacultural assets can provide long-term growth potential and portfolio diversification to help investors reach their financial goals. The investment objective is to achieve high capital appreciation and consistent returns which will be distributed, subject to the requirements of the Fund and the discretion of the Board, on a regular basis throughout the Fund Duration.



In this respect, the main objectives of the Fund are to:


  • gain capital and equity appreciation by investing primarily at a pre-IPO, start up, merging stage in companies/entities within the aquaculture, agriculture, and related industry companies and businesses in Asia Pacific and ASEAN region; and
  • leverage the experience of the Board and the Fund Manager to source and execute investment opportunities.

This approach enables our clients to profit from the agriculture and aquaculture asset class while simultaneously offering the liquidity of a standard investment fund.