Focus Financial Partners Ipo Underwriters

Focus financial partners ipo underwriters

Focus financial partners ipo underwriters

From the start, our vision at Focus Financial Partners has been clear: we want to be the partnership of choice for entrepreneurial, growth-oriented, fiduciary wealth management firms.

Our point of distinction has also been crystal clear: we are committed to preserving the autonomy of every partner firm who joins Focus.

Our pledge is to “never turn a successful entrepreneur into an employee.”

Great visions have humble beginnings.

Focus Financial Harassing You?

Founded in 2004, by the end of 2006 Focus had six partner firms in five states. Fast forward six years to 2012 and Focus had expanded to 22 partner firms in over 30 locations, plus a partner firm in the U.K.

We began leveraging our M&A expertise and capital to help partner firms identify attractive prospects of their own for expansion, and continued to expand our suite of value-added services including technology, talent acquisition, marketing and business development, operations and regulatory advice.

Our business model expanded also.

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Soon we were attracting not just independent RIAs, but also wirehouse advisory teams who wished to strike out on their own — the Focus Independence program was born.

Fast forward another six years to July of 2018, when Focus became a public company listed as FOCS on the Nasdaq stock exchange. By early 2019 it had grown to 60 partner firms in more than 30 states, plus Canada, the U.K.

Focus financial partners ipo underwriters

and Australia. As a partner firm principal said: “The future is bright, and it’s even brighter because Focus is by our side.”

Focus financial partners ipo underwriters