Facebook Ipo Millionaires List

Facebook ipo millionaires list

(MoneyWatch) Facebook (FB) finally had its IPO, with insiders cashing out and selling 57 percent of the available shares.

How Facebook insiders are preparing to be millionaires

A number of people -- not just CEO Mark Zuckerberg -- and companies have seen their net worth rocket upward. In addition to the influence that money brings, these individuals and companies will have the pedigree in coming years of having been one of those involved with Facebook early on, meaning that they enter the Silicon Valley Pantheon, much the way as early backers and employees of such companies as Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and Google (GOOG) did.

So, who are these people? Read on, as we present a combination of those at the top of Zuckerberg's management team and others who, whether from investments, being at the company early on, or smart negotiating, put away their own emu-sized nest eggs.

Facebook IPO will create billionaires

We'll list what their holdings -- including stock they sold and stock they held -- is worth at the IPO price of $38.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Mark Zuckerberg: $20.3 billion

By his mid-20s, he was already the subject of multiple books and a movie that did opening weekend sales of $23 million. The company's CEO has literally helped change the world, creating not just new ways of doing business, but new ways of socializing.

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He also has displayed a keen understanding of corporate power and has amassed an absolute say on any issue going to shareholders. That means the continued wealth of the Facebook millionaires depends completely on what Zuckerberg thinks will work.

Chris Hughes, cofounder of Facebook, is now worth $935 million

His 533.8 million shares of stock makes Zuckerberg worth -- better sit down -- $20.3 billion at age 28.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Sheryl Sandberg: $72 million

Facebook's COO is known for academic brilliance; a career that includes stints as chief of staff for the U.S.

Secretary of the Treasury and vice president of global sales at Google; and leaving work at 5:30 every day.

Facebook ipo millionaires list

Not only does she have a life, but in her disciplined work life, she's helped nurture Facebook and gained nearly 1.9 million shares of stock, which, at the opening number of $38 per share, makes her holdings work $72 million.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

David Ebersman: $77 million

He's a numbers guy who has been more behind the scenes but who will be far more in the public eye as CFO of Facebook.

Ebersman already had experience as CFO of a public company -- Genentech -- and has added a level of calm and stability that has helped distinguish Facebook from other high-growth tech companies.

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With nearly 2.4 million shares of stock, he will be worth close to $77 million, just based on today's IPO.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Mike Schroepfer: $87 million

Facebook would be a pile of uninteresting data and messaging if it didn't have a vice president of engineering who could help the company scale its systems for its nearly 1 billion users.

Schroepfer knows how to work with browser interfaces, as he was vice-president of engineering at Mozilla, which makes the Firefox browser.

Facebook ipo millionaires list

And he knows big data systems, having spent time as CTO for the data center automation group at Sun Microsystems. It's unusual to find someone with that range of front-end and back office experience, which is probably why he holds 2.3 million shares of stock worth $87 million.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Ted Ullyot: $76 million

When, like Facebook, you do things that push boundaries on business practices and push buttons of privacy advocates, competitors, and regulators, you need a good lawyer.

General Counsel Ullyot is another person on Zuckerberg's management team who has deep experience both in the private sector and government.

Facebook ipo millionaires list

On one hand, Ullyot clerked for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and was an associate counsel in the George W. Bush administration. In for-profit enterprises, he was general counsel for AOL Time Warner Europe and a partner at law firm Kirkland Ellis, where he was a litigator. A background in public policy, regulatory compliance, telecommunications and technology law, public company issues, and international law makes him a smart hire who commanded 2 million shares of stock worth $76 million.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Mark Pincus: $201 million

Wait a minute!

Pincus is CEO of Zynga (ZNGA), so what's he doing here? Apparently his deal-making skills are even more formidable than you might have thought. Facebook depends on Zynga for a lot of revenue: 15 percent last quarter. And when you bring in the bucks, you have more leverage than the average person.

Pincus had 5.3 million shares worth a cool $201 million.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Jim Breyer: $7.6 billion

As a partner at VC firm Accel Partners and president of Accel Management Company, Breyer has been at the forefront of funding Internet, media, and tech companies, landing him the Forbes 2010 title of top tech investor.

Zuckerberg's right hand woman Sheryl Sandberg is worth $88 million, with a whopper of a footnote

His picks have included Etsy, RealNetworks, Walmart.com, Legend Pictures (Wrath of the Titans and The Dark Knight Rises are two of its films), and Macromedia. His Facebook investment brought him 201.3 million shares, worth $7.6 billion.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Dustin Moskovitz: $5.1 billion

There's something to be said about being in the right place at the right time.

Facebook ipo millionaires list

Moskovitz knew Zuckerberg at Harvard back when Facebook was a project in the CEO's dorm room. Both dropped out after their second year.

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Moskovitz worked on the technical end, eventually leaving the company in 2009 to co-found another company called Asana. But not before he got 133.7 million shares that bring him a net worth of just under $5.1 billion.

Who Wants to Meet a Facebook Millionaire?

Not bad for a first job out of school.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Sean Parker: $1.5 billion

When he co-founded Napster, Parker proved himself one of tech's bad boys, bringing on the wrath of the recording industry down upon the file sharing service.

He had an eye for controversy as well as what would be big. Parker is the one who knew how big Facebook would be and who brought in critical investor Peter Thiel. He also talked Zuckerberg out of returning to Harvard, making a lot of fortunes in the process and got Zuck the absolute control of the company that he still has.

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Hard partying ways soured some investors and employees on his remaining as president. Yet, even as his spirit remained, he walked away with 69.7 million shares, or $1.5 billion.

Facebook IPO: Meet the millionaires and billionaires

Peter Thiel: $1.7 billion

Facebook wouldn't have been what it is today without enough investment dollars -- giving it the financial power to hire, do business, and grow.

The company's first big investor was PayPal co-founder and billion-dollar-hedge-fund manager Peter Thiel.

He provided money, financial expertise, and a Rolodex of connections that would be hard to match.

Facebook ipo millionaires list

They were worth 44.7 million shares, or $1.7 billion.