Date Of Square Ipo

Date of square ipo

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Publication Date:November 03, 2016

Industry:Financial Services

Source:Harvard Business School

In November 2015, Square, Inc.

Square Files For IPO

launched its initial public offering (IPO). The IPO had an offering price of $9 per share, lower than the $11 to $13 estimate that had been outlined in the preliminary prospectus and 42% below the $15.50 share price in its most recent financing less than a year before.

Square IPO Price Is Set – Here's a Breakdown of the Deal (NYSE: SQ)

The lower than anticipated pricing of Square's IPO, and the implied valuation, had left investors and market observers wondering if this was an indication of a valuation bubble, or a shift in the market. The case provides an overview of the IPO process, and examines U.S.

Date of square ipo

IPO trends from the 1980s to mid-2010s. It explores the rationales behind an increasing number of $billion + private valuations, known as 'unicorns', and explores who the winners and losers are when such firms go public at lower valuations.

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Date of square ipo