Peep Value In Forex Trading

Peep value in forex trading

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Not many people talk about the EOS price and cryptocurrency. Though not among the very popular digital assets around, EOS is one smart contract to appreciate.

EOS is an interesting smart contract platform that is both innovative and controversial.

Nevertheless, whether the EOS blockchain is a fraud or a revolution, the EOS coin is valuable and widely traded.

Upon taking a closer look at what makes this project tick, we discovered that the EOS Price has been on the positive note lately, giving investors the green light to stake their money on the digital currency.

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Why Care About EOS?

In 2017 when the news about virtual currencies was in the air, Dan Larimer found EOS.

The outspoken investor is the co-founder of Steem who believes his project on EOS supersedes the top cryptos including Bitcoin and Ethereum. EOS had a year-long ICO, which produced a massive $4 billion during that period.

For an obscure tech startup with no working product, EOS’s ICO haul was conspicuously high, but that didn’t stop investors and developers from signing on with such great enthusiasm.

The project seems to be living up to its billing.

EOS has shot ahead in smart contracts in no time and remains a focus for the growth of blockchain to this day. Since day one, EOS has been dubbed the “Ethereum Killer”.

Is it indeed going to see the end to the greats in the blockchain technology?

Peep value in forex trading

Let’s find out.

Most say, however, that everything is not rosy with EOS. Should it have gone past the current $2.72?

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EOS block is much more centralized than Ethereum. However, the main development of EOS has slowed down to a crawl.

Where there were once tens of Github commitments per day, there were only a few commitments from the earlier months of the year.

Production by third parties remains a commitment though, but Larimer is not scared of being criticized for some negligence on the development.

So we’re left with an EOS platform and cryptocurrency that seems to be losing the grip it once had.

Peep value in forex trading

Is the scalability of the project a fair reward to compromise decentralization?

We cannot answer these questions with any bias, but they fill us with some scepticism that will inform our resulting predictions of EOS rate and value in the marketplace.

EOS Live Price Chart

EOS Price is currently hovering around $2.72 and remains on the top ten in the cryptocurrency log on Coinmarketcap.

The smart contract asset currently has a total market cap of about $2.6 billion with 937168,131 EOS in circulation.

Peep value in forex trading

There is much activity on the network with a trading volume of $2, 258, 020, 745 in the last 24 hours.

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The EOS price is available in USD, but you can easily switch to EUR, British Pounds, and Japanese Yen.

Find the EOS price from the top exchanges around and compare their prices. Different views can be found in the exchanges including candlestick, row map, and OHLC (open-high-low-close) chart.

EOS Value

We already have a peep into the EOS price.

However, the value of EOS is enshrined much more in the solution it brings to the digital environment.

Peep value in forex trading

Beyond the EOS price that is currently doing well, it has many areas of application.

EOS, backed by Bitshares, Graphene, and Steemit’s Dan Larimer, is a decentralized blockchain operating system that provides application developers with servers, account access, planning, encryption, and Internet communication.

EOS is a viable alternative to the Ethereum network, providing developers with all the resources they need to function without having to worry about advanced cryptography implementations or blockchain communication.

MinerGate has recently expanded its product portfolio to become the major producer of EOS framework.

Even Lumi wallet has collaborated to encourage its users to vote in the ecosystem of the EOS.

EOS-based crypto exchange EOSfinex recently went live with four tradable pairs-RAM / USDT, EMT / USDT, EOX / USDT, and EOS / USDT.

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The traditional fiat pair such as EUR was yet to be introduced by then.

EOSfinex was created to combine the scalability of EOS with Bitfinex’s trade industry experience. To set a new standard for digitized asset trading, EOSfinex in a way meets or replicates the existing crypto-exchange norms.

EOS has maintained its position in the Chinese government’s new list of public blockchain ventures. It plans to introduce Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (abFT) by 2019, where the irreversibility period is increased to allow BPs to communicate directly rather than inferring from block headers.

There are plans to create Universal Resource Inheritance (URI), as mentioned in the Whitepaper.

Huobi Pool has announced that it will launch a dedicated exchange for EOS.

It will follow after working with the EOS community to build the EOS test chain (Crypto Kylin Testnet) where the projects can be tested.

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Huobi pool has led the creation of an EOS Group voting system to remind them of the node elections.

We can say without mincing words that EOS is an invaluable asset but whether it will overthrow Etherum as the top smart contract solution may not be what we can decide immediately.

EOS Historical Prices

Thanks to the historical year-long ICO of EOS, EOS coins slowly trickled into the market.

Investors were able to purchase the coin in US dollars, EUR and other major fiat currencies.

Investors are unlikely to invest much more or less during this time than they would pay at ICO, and the EOS price stayed on the market for its first few months from July to November 2017 at about $1.

Then the break started swiftly and the price increased. EOS was one of the best crypto price run performers which peaked when EOS coins hit nearly $20 in January 2018.

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EOS rate nose-dived in the months after, but EOS were never affected during the catastrophic bear market crash, it recovered with an appreciable percentage.

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While at the end of April 2018 when all the other cryptos were still tumbling, battered and bleeding down the crypto price cliffs, EOS hit a new all-time high of over $20. These increases in EOS price coincided with the release of the Mainnet EOS and the release of the actual EOS coins.

They had the same worth and function as the EOS Mainnet coins, but for the real thing, they would have to be traded.

In the spring of 2018, that’s exactly what happened.

EOS prices were around $3, not too much higher than when EOS first entered the markets in 2017.

Peep value in forex trading

Will there be a spike in EOS price not too long from now? The upcoming years should have the answer to this question.

EOS Predictions

You probably are interested in investing in EOS.

But just before you do, we have our thoughts which may be of help to you.

EOS is a perfect tool for designing decentralized applications for developers and engineers.

Peep value in forex trading

Because of its excellent block, engineering, tech-savvy and finance-savvy investors put a lot of emphasis on this coin, which makes it rise on the ladder faster than we all expected.

If there’s a cryptocurrency that gets most of the optimistic prediction, it’s EOS. By the end of 2019, EOS price can hit $8. Experts expect that EOS will grow and shine as the topmost smart contract network.

Looking from the angle of market capitalization, the EOS crowd sale and scalability make it one of the five most important tokens.

So what’s EOS’s future holding? Anything could happen, but we assume it is most likely that the EOS prices will never again hit past heights of the 2018 period.

Even if it does, our EOS prediction is that it would only be a temporary situation for EOS price success.

We expect the bulls to return in 2019 to the cryptocurrency markets. This year we may not be getting past all-time highs, but we will see a recovery from the 2019 prices of the first quarter of the year.

EOS will certainly re-enter this space as a beneficiary.

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Although EOS tends to be shaky at certain points, it is by no means a failure.

EOS in 2020

We wouldn’t hold our breath after 2019 about EOS price getting to the heights that we suppose it to reach. We think it will be clear by 2020 that EOS is not the only valid platform for smart contracts, thus, encouraging people to try their hands and to invest in another field.

The technology will be at a standstill, just as is now stalling.

By this point, Dan Larimer may have started some new crypto moves. The group of EOS is going to be dispirited.

Accusations such as “EOS is a fraud” are not going to fall on deaf ears as they are now.

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If our views on EOS is right, our estimate of the EOS price will be somewhere in the region of $0.83 per EOS coin come the year 2020.

EOS in 2021

If all of this happens, nobody will think about EOS in 2021 at all, which ultimately will cause EOS prices to drop considerably. People will be amazed that such a company could raise $4 billion, and former EOS investors will sit in embarrassing silence.

If EOS is a 2021 failure, we hope it doesn’t and if it does, then our 2021 and beyond EOS forecast is $0.01/ coin.

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Factors Affecting EOS Price

1. Sale of Tokens

Selling of the EOS token started on June 26, 2017, and continued for a full year. In the first five days, 200 million tokens were issued, with 700 million more evenly split into 350 consecutive 23-hour cycles of 2 million EOS tokens each.

The long stretch it took for the ICO gave more publicity about the tokens.

With many people interested in acquiring the digital asset afterwards, the demand increased thereby raising EOS prices considerably.


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When the ICO token sales are taking place, several major cryptocurrency exchanges were also able to list EOS tokens. This not only allows people to watch the project’s progress before deciding whether to buy in, but it also helps the project to build a solid structure to fund future growth.

As more funds are injected in the system, the project grows and the worth is increased leading to many people having faith in the system.


Dan Larimer

EOS price performance cannot be taken away from the commitment and confidence the founder brings to the development. He is a strong push on the EOS project.

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EOS developer Dan Larimer has co-founded the popular Steemit and Bitshares blockchain ventures and has extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry.

His outspoken nature helps to build confidence in the minds of people to commit their funds to the development of the project, boosting its performance.

4. Utility

The benefits that the EOS project brings to the table affects EOS price positively.

The EOS framework aims to provide a wide range of features and benefits, including vertical and horizontal scaling of distributed software and eliminating user fees.

The platform’s entire list of potential benefits is too long to list here, so check out the white paper for specifics of what EOS plans to achieve.

One thing that stands true and good for the EOS project development is its community that is actively involved in the project.

EOS is supported by a very positive follow-up to the community and social media.

Check your Telegram or Facebook, Twitter or Steemit accounts for evidence of this, and check out the list of daily EOS meetings around the world.

There is no doubt in our minds that the active community helps to drive the EOS price upwards.

6. Ratings

Weiss Ratings awarded EOS a B score in its first crypto-currency ratings issued on January 2018. Ethereum was the only other coin to earn the same grade, and none of the 74 coins examined received an A.

This is a positive one for this digital asset and if anything, more trust will be built with more people willing to spend their money.

First, a good rating means a higher value which can push the EOS price up in the market.




To create a distributed exchange known as EOSfinex, EOS has partnered with Bitfinex. The project aims at providing a fast, transparent and trusted digital asset trading platform.

The launch of this project gives more room for investors to have more access to the currency. Exchanges encourage people to interact and trade with the system and as a result improve its value considerably.

And you got it there. We have looked at all the facts that we can find, and we conclude that EOS will not last for the long haul.

In our view, it is due to advertising and shareholder FOMO that EOS flourished in its early days, not because of the tech’s quality or longevity.

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EOS could prove us wrong, but Dan and the other core developers will need a renewed commitment to see the project keep the performance of the project going.

We have no particular reason to hate EOS.

If it were an ethically run piece of technology, we would endorse it as if we were the most passionate admirers. But this just doesn’t seem to be the case we’re for us.

If you are about to invest in EOS, please do your research and discover things yourself, as it is crucial to making the right choice.

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