Binary Options Scams Blacklist

Binary options scams blacklist

How do we Decide if a Binary Options Broker is a Scam?

Binary Options Scams: An in-depth insight into the world of binary options scam

Online scams never come to an end. Today, the latest of those scams involve binary trading options, where a vendor promises to make you a millionaire in a fortnight.

Binary options scams blacklist

However, when you end up buying into their software or product, you lose your money completely.

Trading binary options is becoming more popular than Forex trading these days, and it’s for very good reasons that this is happening.

You see, practically speaking, Forex trading platforms tend to be more involving even though they’re still concerned with trading currency pairs.

But on the other hand, binary options trading is a straight-forward thing — for instance, if you think the price of gold will rise at a certain time, you Call that option.

If you think the price will drop at a specific time, you Put that option. That’s all there is to know about executing trades, no complex UI like what happens with Forex platforms.

Again, in trading binary options, you stand a fair chance of making a huge profit within the shortest period of time.


Most brokers have a ”turbo” feature which lets you execute trades in 60 seconds flat. If you have the right signals to rely on, you can make triple profits here.

But will all the potential benefits of choosing binary options trading over Forex, scammers are also taking advantage of the ignorance of newbie traders, thus fleecing them of their hard-earned money.

Introduction into the horror world of Binary scams – what people will not tell you

With all the potential for making profits with binary options trading, it makes sense when you think about it from the perspective of certain individuals taking advantage of newbie traders.

Somehow, human beings are naturally wired to want more.

If you’re promised more money, and you can actually get convinced with a few facts here and there, you will definitely fall for the lie.

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Even though every lie has faint tell-tale signs that indicate something sinister, these are often ignored, and this is what scammers thrive on.

They know that if they play with your emotions to make you feel good, you will definitely be convinced to buy into their fake program.

In fact, all a scammer has to do is invest in a professional-looking site and also do everything that a legit site does.

However, the moment you deposit money with that particular ”broker”, you won’t be able to get your money out again, and that’s when you realize you’ve been scammed.

Binary Options Brokers Blacklist – Scam Brokers

And with a team of smart individuals like these, it’s hard to tell for sure that you’re being scammed, until it reaches a point when money will exchange hands.

Product to Stay Away ( our Blacklisted Products )

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How to avoid binary options scam

Like we said earlier, there will always be some tale-tell signs to spot, plus your instincts will warn you when doing business with such a broker.

However, we often ignore these warning signs because we’re blinded by the promise of making $1,000 or more a day.

So here are a few things you must check out before depositing money with any broker

(a) Lack of an SSL Https certification

The motive of people behind binary options scams is to make more profit while minimizing cost for doing so.

An SSL certification is a costly investment, and if a broker is not serious, they will not bother to invest in it.

The SSL certification can be found on the address bar, where the site name often begins with https instead of http. In addition to this, a green bar often appears on the left side of the address bar, and this is an indication that the site is secure and is taking user experience seriously.

(b) Broker not under the regulation of any body

Bodies like CFTC, CySec, ASIC and many more are mandated with the task of regulating brokers.

There is no reason why a broker should fail to have at least one body regulating them, unless they are a binary options scam.

(c) Fake reviews/testimonials

It’s easy to spot a fake video testimonial.

These days, computer software can do anything.

Binary options scams blacklist

With the right software, it’s only a matter of dragging and dropping image/video segments here and there and kaboom!

You have a ”professional” video testimonial. Thankfully, you can still spot something that doesn’t look right. Be sure to pay attention to whatever it is that’s not making sense in the video.

(d) Too good to be true bonuses and promotions

Brokers are in the business of making money with you.

Genuine brokers do fair business with you.

Binary Options Scams, Ripoffs & Bad Trading Sites

However, binary options scam brokers do dirty and illegal business with you.

If they say they give a whooping $500 as bonus for every sign up, beware! No one is willing to be too generous in the world of business — it makes them lose money.

Also, beware of binary options software that promise 90 and above percent win rate. No software is accurate, but at least the best ones can confidently provide up to 80% accuracy. So if it sounds unrealistic, it probably is a scam.

(e) Details of the domain

It’s an emerging trend where scammers put up new websites registered for the shortest time possible — usually within 1 year, so they can commit crime and bring it down anytime.

Therefore, if you research the domain details for the website, take note of this trend.

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Also, take note of their Alexa ranking and domain age — although you shouldn’t solely use this as a disqualifying factor.

And of course you also need to ensure that their customer support is top-notch. If it isn’t, they are probably trying to save on cost, and this is typically not a characteristic of a honest broker.

However, also take note that some binary options scammers will go an extra mile and do everything else that genuine brokers do. For instance, they will have a good support team, invest in an SSL certification, have a professional website, and probably leave off something that will expose them behind the curtains.

Binary Options Scam Signals List of Binary Signals Advise

Your job is to find it out. If you can’t, trust your instincts and move on. Do not struggle with the thought of losing millions of dollars if you exit the site straight away.

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Lastly, you should be aware of websites that warn you each time you attempt to hover your mouse or leave the page.

In most cases, they will play with your psychology. They will tell you things such as ”Hey, you are not about to walk away from $3,000 pure profits a day!” This notice will keep showing up after every few seconds — to the point of disturbing user experience.

Binary Options ★ Binary Options SCAMS! An Introduction To My Blacklist

If not, they will warn you with a notice when you click the back arrow on your browser. But why would someone beg you to get into a highly profitable system that generates over $3,000 a day? That’s the big question.

Binary options scams blacklist