Best Mt4 Forex Indicator

Best mt4 forex indicator

Best mt4 forex indicator

I will make a list: top 100 best indicators.

So please upload good indicators in this thread.

Good indicators are considered:
- stimulating your perspective in the market
- any trader should know about and should have seen at least once
- getting inspiration for your own system
- (naturally, I don't consider a good indicator: profitable in trading. The purpose of this thread is solely increasing our mindset and depth in the market by applying different kind of indicators.)

List of good indicators:


  1. Elliot Wave indicator: EW_ABCD_PRO_fix.ex4.

    Forex: Top 2 Best Indicators / How to use them correctly

    Details: complete trade manager, additional windows: correlations, fib level division, multiple methods, TF switcher, currency pair 'wave count' check.

  2. Floating indicator 1.01.ex4. Details: choose an indicator, press ok.

    Best mt4 forex indicator

    Now it is floating on the chart

  3. TF Heiken Ashi Arrows.mq4

List of great websites to download indicators


The number 1 website every trader should definitely know is the new version of Forex TSD (mladen) which is All indicators are non-repainting and are perfect for trading.

Best mt4 forex indicator


2. 10.000 downloads here:


Que es el forex en fotografia

Mostly old indicators:

4. free indicators, very limited (for example, only usable on one currency pair, 30 days trial or parameter limitations.


You can download all MT4 free indicators at once Pretty handy: and here

6. Indi's with each a screenshot:


Que son pisos y techo en forex and indi's with explanation how to use for each indicator.

Note: top right corner is the green download button (at atozmarkets)

Let's make an interesting thread.

Best mt4 forex indicator

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Best mt4 forex indicator